Consumer: Zero calories here


imageThe Consumer:

It’s Monday night which means I couldn’t start my homework till after The Bachelor! With my Facebook and Twitter feed plus TV commercials I wouldn’t dare miss the second episode of the season. Don’t worry he didn’t keep anyone I disliked so Juan Pablo is doing fabulous!

On a regular basis I check:  weather updates, my emails, social media, banking, shopping, and various other applications with my iPhone or laptop. I spend all of my downtime or class time checking my social media to learn about what news is breaking, what my friends are up to and the occasional likes or follows. Double checking the days weather, how much money I can spend or looking over emails only takes up about a half hour of my day. I spend the least amount of time on iFunny and I don’t have any games downloaded on any of my devices. I found that by using Siri with my NearMe app it suggests places I’ve been before or types of food that I like such as Italian, Mexican and sushi bars. Most of my iPhone / laptop time is used to communicate with other people by means of comments, pictures or hilarious emojis.

The Creator: 

I love, love, LOVE reporting new information to people. I currently do weather for LUTV but can’t wait to start relaying information about community events, traffic, dangerous situations and so much more! Everyday something new, unpredictable is going to happen and I want to be right there with my camera ready to capture the action. I want to write my own news stories, interview key people, and create my content with all the tools and technology out there. I aspire to live in a large city someday and be a well-known news anchor. Before I work my way up to that goal, I plan on auditioning to be one of the next Miss Sprint Cup girls. It’s a dream I plan on making into reality and moving to the home of NASCAR, Charlotte, North Carolina. It’s important to me to think fast on my feet and be thinking of my next move to stay ahead of the game. Once graduating from Lindenwood I will have skills that deal with all parts of news writing, working and editing with technological tools and my own unbeatable personality with my own personal brand. I hope to be able to speak and respond to the public, be a role model and give back to my community whenever I can.

172248_10150166319942542_5813574_oMy Personal Brand: 

My favorite ways to share what I know or how I’m feeling is on mainly Facebook and Twitter. These sites allow me the easiest ways to share my content or others to further prove my point. And since those are the ways average people can reach me, I want to make sure I pay extra attention to those sites. While I rarely share my own personal videos, blogs, or graphics I do know how to make them if needed. My niche is a dead tie between NASCAR and pageants. I know, how in the world could I be caught in the middle?! Transforming from tomboy to beauty queen allowed me to have the best of both worlds growing up. I can give advice, updates and background knowledge on both subjects which makes me a well-rounded person. In the future I hope to apply that knowledge and find a job that allows me to do what I’m passionate about.


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